The Working Group Meeting of the COST Action MP0601, Short Wavelength Laboratory Sources, took place on 27-28 May, in Kraków, Poland.

The meeting was organized by the Institute of Nuclear Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences.

The organizational details are listed in the registration form, the venue is shown at the attached map of the Kraków centre.

The following locations are linked to documents containing the agenda of the meeting, its detailed program, and the list of emails of all participants.

Most of talks and several posters presented at the meeting are accessible through this web page. Links to these materials are listed below.


Thursday, May 27th 

Session 1. Chair: Francois de Gaufridy de Dortan

Sergey Zakharov

High brightness EUV light source system development for actinic mask metrology

Inna Bukreeva

Talbot effect in x-ray waveguides

Alan Michette

An update on the UK Smart X-Ray Optics project


Session 2. Chair: Slawka Pfauntsch

István Földes

Cleaning KrF laser pulses with plasma mirrors

Jeremy Frey

Imaging soft x-ray production and scattering

Ulf Zastrau

Temperature and K -yield radial distributions in laser-produced solid density plasmas


Session 3. Chair: Reiner Dietsch

Torsten Feigl

Coating of World's largest EUV mirror

Alexei Erko

Parallel fs x-ray spectrometer

Frantisek Dubecky

Progress in low energy X-ray spectrometry using semi-insulating GaAs detectors

Gianni Monaco

SiC thin films deposited at high temperature by means of excimer and Nd-YaG lasers

Andreas Oelsner

X-ray area detectors with temporal resolution in the picosecond range


Friday, May 28th

Session 6. Chair: Peter Hoghoj

Henryk Fiedorowicz

Application of laser plasma EUV sources in processing polymers and nanoimaging

Frank Barkusky

Damage and ablation of optical materials under focused EUV radiation

Yevhen Zabila

Direct laser interference patterning of magnetic films


Session 7. Chair: Ulf Hinze

Alan Michette

Report on MC meeting

Andrzej Bartnik

EUV-initiated surface changes in polymers

Ruben Seisyan

ISTC grant #3857; design of two colour - two pulse LPP EUV source



Session 8. Chair: Gerry O’Sullivan

John Costello

Multiphoton ionization in intense EUV free electron laser fields

Paolo Di Lazzaro

Novel anti-counterfeiting technique by EUV lithography



P1. Vladimir Ac – Application of diamond in X-ray sources

P2. Jozef Kaiser – Application of the 46.9 nm capillary-discharge based

table-top Ar+8 XUV laser for laser ablation

P3. Sebastian BożekCells irradiation complementary lines at IFJ PAN

P4. Blair Lebert & Wafa Kezzar – Coherence properties of a EUV/soft x-ray

source for interference lithography

P5. Zdenko ZápražnýConditions for absorption and phase contrast

mechanisms in imaging with a laboratory microfocus X-ray source

P6. Klaus Mann – EUV/XUV radiation: a versatile tool for structural

and chemical surface analysis

P7. Francois de Gaufridy de Dortan – Fast temporal ionisation code

for an hydro-radiative code

P8. Jakub BieleckiInvestigations of microstructure and hydraulic

permeability of rocks samples by means of x-ray computed microtomography

measurement and simulations using lattice Boltzmann method

P9. Ladislav Pina – Microfocus high brightness x-ray tubes metrology

P10. Vasily Zakharov – Modeling of EUV spectra from nonequilibrium xenon

plasma with high energy electrons

P11. Paul Duggan – Silson x-ray optics

P12. Maurizio Donarelli – Table-top interference lithography as a tool

to fabricate lasers emitting in the third window of optical communications.

P13. Marcin PerzanowskiTheoretical background of the direct laser interference

patterning method

P14. Jerzy Pełka – Towards new biosensors. Structure and properties

of electrospun nanofibers composed of ZnO

P15. ­Larissa JuschkinExtreme Ultraviolet Radiation: A Versatile Tool For Nanometrology

P16. Serhiy DanylyukEUV Interference Lithography with a gas discharge source

P17. Veronika Pickova – Interaction experiments in the fs laboratory at CTU