The Final Event of the Short Wavelength Laboratory Sources COST Action was organized as a joint conference of the COST twin Actions IE0601 and MP0601 in November 2011 in Paris, and was dedicated to the memory of Professor Zsolt Kajcsos, who was involved in both Actions and who passed away several months earlier. The conference venue was the  Research Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Paris, rue Lauriston 74 – all lectures, poster sessions, lunches, and evaluation sessions proceeded in the same place.

The meeting of the Action IE0601 – “Wood Science for Conservation of Cultural Heritage” – started already on 14th November. On November 16th, researchers from both Actions were participating in a Joint Session “Photon Technologies for Conservation of Wooden Cultural Heritage”, with lectures showing the synergy of the Actions and common scientific interests. On this day the meeting was visited by the wife and daughter of Professor Kajcsos and the meeting program included a short session in memory of Zsolt Kajcsos.

Two next days were devoted exclusively to the MP0601 topics.

The organizational details are listed in the registration form, the venue is shown at the attached map of the Paris centre.

The following locations are linked to documents containing the agenda of the meeting, its detailed program, the conference photo, and the list of emails of all participants.

Most of talks and several posters presented at the meeting are accessible through this web page. Links to these materials are listed below.


Wednesday 16 November – Joint Session of the IE0601 and the MP0601:

Photon Technologies for Conservation of Wooden Cultural Heritage

E.H. Lehmann, D. Mannes, K. Hunger, M. Wörle, S. Braovac, H. Kutzke, M. Christensen (IE0601)

Wood investigations by means of radiation transmission techniques in the analysis of cultural heritage objects of different size scale.

Jan Van den Bulcke, Denis Van Loo, Manuel Dierick, Matthieu Boone, Bert Masschaele, Yoni De Witte, Kristof Haneca, Koen Deforce, Maaike De Ridder, Wannes Hubau, Hans Beeckman, Luc Van Hoorebeke, Joris Van Acker (IE0601)

Multi-resolution x-ray tomography for multi-purpose use in cultural heritage.

£ukasz Bratasz (IE0601)

High resolution x-ray radiography for monitoring wood impregnation.

Alexei Erko (MP0601)

Nanometre optics technologies at Helmholtz Centre Berlin

Jeremy Frey (MP0601)

X-ray imaging and phase reconstruction with HHG sources


Thursday 17 November

Poster session                                                                 

Przemyslaw Wachulak

A 50nm spatial resolution EUV imaging using incoherent, desk-top plasma source

Ivan Yakimchuk

Ellipsoidal concentrators for laboratory x-ray sources: analytical optimization

Vasily Zakharov

EUV and soft X-ray spectral modeling for nonequilibrium gadolinium plasma

Veronika Pickova, Radka Havlíková, Ladislav Pina

Focusing EUV radiation from the capillary discharge source

Jakub Bielecki

Investigations of complex structures by means of the x-ray computed microtomography method

Robert Mroczka

X-ray capillaries with a lacquer-metal internal bilayer for focusing hard X-rays

Manuel Cotelo

Synchrotron X-ray photoabsorption spectroscopy of plasmas

Unfortunately, due to the last moment resignation of many registered participants the poster session was significantly smaller than expected. From the same reasons, also few talks had to be canceled. On the other side, few researchers participated in the event without previous registration (or late registration, what made them not eligible for reimbursement).

Session I (Chair: Alan Michette)

Keynote Lecture: Anatoly Snigirev

15 years of X-ray refractive optics

Alexander Vinogradov

Reflection imaging of objects coherently illuminated at grazing angles

Session II (Chair: Davide Bleiner)

Paolo Di Lazzaro

Mitigation and selection of ion and particulate emission from laser-plasma sources used for extreme ultraviolet lithography sources

Klaus Mann

NEXAFS spectroscopy with table-top XUV source

Takeshi Higashiguchi

Extreme ultraviolet alkali metal source at 40 nm

Vladimir Zvorykin

Powerful X-ray source on the basis of CW 600-keV electron LINAC


Session III (Chair: Alessia Cedola)

Michela Fratini

Towards an advanced X-ray source based on field emitting carbon nanotubes cold cathode: latest updates

Larissa Juschkin

Investigation and optimisation of spatial and spectral characteristics of EUV emission from laser assisted vacuum arc

Matthew Shand

Development and characterization of optical elements for soft X-ray micro-probing and microscopy


Friday 18 November

Session IV (Chair: Paolo Di Lazzaro)

Peter Hoghoj

Grazing incidence aspheric and multilayer coated optics for x-ray sources

Piergiorgio Nicolosi

Multilayer coatings for Space applications

Johannes Hauck

Characterization and optimization of an imaging micro-channel plate EUV detector with high temporal resolution

Stefan Herbert

Novel CMOS detector design for fast imaging applications in the extreme ultraviolet

Session V (Chair: Leszek Ryc)


Serhiy Danylyuk

EUV interference lithograph with partially coherent sources

Boris Roshchin

Laboratory X-ray reflectometer for liquid interfaces investigation

Ruben Seisyan

The two pulses two colour system of EUV radiation LPP source and of 4m Bragg mirror lens for laboratory EUV lithography tool: Development of the ISTC project #3857

Kai Sven Schulze

Time-resolved experiments with a laser-driven x-ray diode

Evaluation Session A (open to all participants)

Francois De Gaufridy de Dortan

Summary of WG1 activities

Andrzej Bartnik (substituting for Henryk Fiedorowicz)

Summary of WG2 activities

Ladislav Pina

Summary of WG3 activities

John Costello (substituting for Gerry O’Sullivan)

Summary of WG4 activities

Alan Michette

General summary, including STSMs, publications, the final book, follow-on activities

Evaluation Session B

Attended by the MC members, the external Evaluators and the COST Office representatives.

Caroline M. Whelan, Science Officer MPNS

Update from the COST Office


Financial report from the COST Office, comments and questions from the DC Rapporteur and the external Evaluators, general discussion, future plans including final reporting requirements and deadlines.